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Two articles for Action on Hearing Loss's membership magazine in 2017: I wrote 'Scientifically speaking' based on background information and an interview with the featured researcher; and substantially reworked the original copy for 'Reaching an understanding'.

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In 2017, I wrote this article for UNISON's magazine to promote its Public Service Champions campaign, using background information supplied and recorded telephone interviews with four contributors. 

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Four of a large number of articles written for Diabetes UK's quarterly healthcare professional magazine, all based on multiple source documents and recorded interviews with a range of researchers, medical professionals and other contributors.

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Sometimes a dry subject needs a lighter touch, as seen here in 'Saddle up' and 'Zen again'; often, more difficult content needs to be accessible, as in 'Breaking down the barriers'. These are just three of many articles I wrote for Diabetes UK's membership magazine. 

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