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Young Epilepsy's home page
The charity Sense's homepage

In 2022–23, I researched, structured, wrote and optimised content for all pages covering

a comprehensive range of topics for Young Epilepsy's information portfolio for its website rebrand and relaunch. Sections included Information About Epilepsy and Parents and Carers (still in development), as well as the Guide for Schools and Health Services and Research. Where needed,

I reviewed and updated content according to current NICE treatment guidelines. 

I also produced content for all pages for the Choosing St Piers, Student Wellbeing and

Curriculum sections of the related St Piers School & College website.

Additionally, I edited, from AI-generated transcripts, five blogs by young people, aged 10 to early 20s, for Young Epilepsy's Understand My Epilepsy campaign.


In 2021–22, I researched, structured, wrote, referenced and optimised content for multiple

pages for the Communicating, Safeguarding, Conditions and Disabilities, SEND Support,

Life Stages, Sports and Physical Activities, and Benefits and Money sections of the

Sense website for its 2022 relaunch.

Ambitious abdout Autism's 100-page guide to autism in the early years for parents
Ambitious about Autism The Rise School prospectus
Ambitious about Autism The Rise School prospectus

Ambitious about Autism's Right from the Start guide to autism in the early years for parents, and its prospectus for the Rise School: detailed line editing of all content, including substantial rewriting where needed, and proofing/marking up final layouts.

UNISON online article Intensive care, eternal thanks, 2017
UNISON online article A moment to appreciate, 2017

Two online articles for UNISON, expanded from interview material gathered for an article I contributed to the membership magazine U

Action on Hearing Loss Human Rights Act factsheet
Action on Hearing Loss Industrial Injuries factsheet
Action on Hearing Loss Communicating Online factsheet

Three of 36 Action on Hearing Loss factsheets I worked on in 2017: researching, editing, liaising with numerous contributors, rewriting and proofreading content. Healthcare factsheets in the range were produced to meet The Information Standard.

Action on Hearing Loss blog 2018
Action on Hearing Loss product page
Action on Hearing Loss product copy
Retail Bytes online newsletter 2014

 Action on Hearing Loss blog and, with a focus on SEO and metadata, two benefit-led, consumer-facing product copy samples from more than 50 I wrote in 2018 that quickly saw increased sales. Right: One edition of 12 light and snappy online retail newsletters I wrote in 2014.  

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