Comprehensive 100-page guide to autism in the early years for parents, and one of three school prospectuses for Ambitious about Autism: detailed line and structural editing, rewriting where needed, and proofreading the layouts.  

Two online articles for UNISON, expanded from interview material gathered for an article I contributed to the membership magazine U

Three of 36 Action on Hearing Loss factsheets I worked on in 2017: researching, editing, liaising with numerous contributors, rewriting and proofreading content. Healthcare factsheets in the range were produced to meet The Information Standard.

 Action on Hearing Loss blog and, with a focus on SEO and metadata, two benefit-led, consumer-facing product copy samples from more than 50 I wrote in 2018. Right: One edition of 12 light and snappy online retail newsletters I wrote in 2014.  


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